What is iTrack Easy smart tracker

iTrack Easy smart tracker is a small bluetooth device that can be attached to all your valuable items.

Together with the iOS or Android app on your smart phone you can locate your lost or misplaced items easily.




Outstanding design

It's small, looks great and the perfect size. You will carry it without knowing. It's perfect to fix to your keys, put in your wallet, fix on your portable, hang on your luggage ...

Excellent battery

Battery life: max 1 year (depending on use). Our battery can be easily replaced (extra battery included!)


Excellent components

The core components of our beacon are made in the US. We did not compromise on quality.

  • Chip: This is the one of the latest IOT (Internet of Things) chips of Texas Instruments
  • Buzzer: Our beacon is using the excellent Piezo buzzer. Considered as the best in the market. Ringer volume > 80 db

Water resistant

You cannot submerge the beacon but a rain or so will do no harm. Perfect for daily use.