What is iTrack Easy smart tracker

iTrack Easy smart tracker is a small bluetooth device that can be attached to all your valuable items.

Together with the iOS or Android app on your smart phone you can locate your lost or misplaced items easily.


How to use the App



Download the AppiTrack Easy App:


Search "iTrack Easy" in App Store or Google Play. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer.




1. Find your valuables  
  This is the main screen. We will explain the main buttons:
In the main screen we will display the different beacons that you have eg for your keys, wallet, luggage etc.... If you click on the beacon you will go to the detailed screen of that beacon
itrack easy adding new
Click on this to add a new beacon.
itrack easy setting
Go to general settings
itrack easy find location
This brings you to the function "Mark your location"

In this case:
  • The device is connected to your phone; You can see your current location by clicking on the map.
  • The alert is one;
‚ÄčThis means your stuff is protected. As soon as it will get out of bluetooth range of your phone you will get a warning.

In order to change the settings (eg deactivate the device) please click on the settings symbol in this screen.
In this case:
  • The device got disconnected;
  • You can see the disconnected location by clicking on: Map.
How to find your stuff back?
  • Walk around with your phone at the location where connection was lost and try to find bluetooth connection = the screen will turn green;
  • As soon as you have connection you can also ring the beacon. Please push "Ring" and the beacon will issue a loud beep. This will allow you to find back your stuff.

itrack easy map
Click on map to see the location of the beacon:
  • If connected: current location
  • If disconnected: Location where connection was lost. The app will even guide you to the location. Click on following:

itrack easy ring
Please click on "Ring" to ring the beacon. The beacon has a loud buzzer build in. It will start to beat so you can locate it.
itrack easy remote camera
The beacon is connected to the camera of your phone. If you click on photo you can take a picture with the beacon as a remote control eg handy if your phone is on a selfie-stick or a tripod.

itrack easy setting

Specific settings of the beacon

This is the screen with the specific settings of the app:
  • You can deactivate the phone alert.
  • You can mark an item as lost. In that case the network search will be activated and other people with the iTrack Easy app can help you to find your stuff.
  • You can turn off a beacon in case you do not want to use it.
  • You can also delete a beacon from the app.

If you click on the beacon (in this case wallet) you get a screen to change eg the purpose of the beacon. Useful if you want to attach it to someone else, or take a picture of beacon to easily recognise what it's linked to ...

itrack easy

Adding new item
You can add up to 5 trackers and activate them at the same time.

iTrack easy setting


General settings of the beacon

iTrack easy general setting page
In the general settings you can set following:

  • Alarm time: This will define how long the alarm rings when the beacons get disconnected. When you travel and it's important to keep your stuff close we suggest to put this a bit longer eg 8 to 10 sec. Up to you to define.
  • Safe wifi area: This is a very nice feature. It's possible that you do not want that the alarm function eg works at your home or at your work. In that case you you can select the wifi network at that place and select it. In that case alarm will be deactivated:

itrack easy safe wifi area


  • You can also define a sleep mode for the beacon. In that case it will eg not work at night. In start & end you can define the timing of this sleep modus. This to safe battery and have unwanted alarms.


2. Find your phone  
itrack Easy find your phone
In order to find your phone please click on the button of the beacon. This will generate an alarm on the phone. This will work even if the setting of your phone are on silent. It will allow you to find your phone based on the alarm sound; Handy if you can't find your phone..

3. Find your location  
iTrack easy find location
iTrack Easy manual location marking
If you click on + you can fix a location.

Example: You park in a city that you do not know so well. Just open the app and click on + to give your location a name eg Parking Amsterdam.
When you want to go back to your car you open the app and you will see two spots:
  • Blue dot: This is your location = of your smartphone

  • Green location symbol: This is the location that you fixed = where your car is parked.


4. Network search  
itrack easy network search
Example: In the same family you are using beacons on different smartphones. It might be possible that someone lost something. If someone of that family comes close to the object with his smartphone (= within bluetooth range) the owner will receive a warning where his item was found.