1. How to download the “iTrackEasy” App?

--You can search “iTrackEasy” in App Store or Google Play. Or scan the QR code in the user guide or box to download. It’s compatible with iOS 8.0 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer.

2. There is no phone alarm when the iTrack and phone are disconnected.

--The “phone alert” is disable. Please turn on “phone alert” function.

3. Can I track the iTrack device real-time?

--The iTrack smart tracker is working with Bluetooth. You cannot track in real-time.
It can only record the last seen/disconnected GPS location in the map.

4. How I can distinguish them if I pair more than one to my phone?

--You can name and take photo to distinguish different device.

5. Can I pair the iTrack to more than one phone at the same time?

Limited by Bluetooth technology, the bluetooth device can only pair to one phone at a time.

6. Can I pair the iTrack device to different phone?

Yes. Our iTrack support multi-user. You can pair the same iTrack with different phone (only when the iTrack is disconnected with other phone).

7. Do I have to run the iTrackEasy App foreground to let the iTrack connected?

Our iTrackEasy App is working either in foreground or background.
(please note that some phone system may kill the App when the App is running background.)

8. Is iTrack compatible with all iOS and Android versions?

The iTrackEasy is compatible with iOS 8.0 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer. 

9. How I can change the App language?

Our App will automatically adapt the language according the phone language. (i.e: if your phone language is in Deutsch, when you open the iTrackEasy App, the App will change to Deutsch accordingly.)

10. With Wifi Safe Area and Sleep mode disabled, why some phone will make sound alarm but some will not when the Bluetooth is turned off intentionally?

--It’s determined by the phone system.
The iTrackEasy will not make sound alarm on phone if you turn off the Bluetooth intentionally.
But some phone OS don’t allow the iTrackEasy App to check if the Bluetooth is turned off intentionally or not. In this case, the phone will make sound.

11. I’m asked to enter a PIN when trying to pair iTrack with my phone。

You’re trying to pair iTrack via your phone’s Bluetooth setting directly.Download the iTrackEasy App and pair the iTrack via App only. 

12 I can’t pair iTrack with my phone. 

--Bluetooth is not activated. Turn on the Bluetooth n the phone setting.
--iTrack is too far away from the phone.Place iTrack close to your phone with pairing.
--The battery is empty. Replace the battery and try.

13 The battery lasts only a few days.

--iTrack module is faulty. Replace the battery. If you experience the same issue with a new battery, please get in touch with us. 

14 My phone battery drains fast.

This is rare issue that may occur with some phones and is related to the power consumption of GPS module or other components.

15 The range is very short.

Bluetooth technology has a range of up to 50-80 meters. However the range may significantly reduce because of different phone brands/models. Also, the walls and other objects between iTrack and phone will also effect the range.

16 The iTrack location on the map is not accurate.

GPS is turned off or iTrackEasy App cannot access GPS. 

17 Why there are false alert?

It’s limited by Bluetooth technoloty. The below situation may lead to false alert.
(1) When the App is connecting with more than 3 iTrack device;

(2) When there is phone call.

18. Is the iTrack working in all phone brands?

The device has been manufactured and thoroughly tested ot meet strict quality standards.