Stories on Luggage

When going out, most people like to carry a bag out of the bag. The bag usually contains some valuable items, such as computers, mobile phones, cameras and other digital products. This is also the reason why most people are worried. How can they lead a thief without property? So that the back of the backpack is out of fear, afraid of the third black hand. Add a lock to the bag, this rest assured, huh, huh, this problem has come, how to do this lock the key lost? This is what it is! Let's take a look at the smart bag locks that Xiaobian describes next.

iTrack smart luggage lock, using the Bluetooth function to unlock the same time, but also has anti-lost anti-theft feature, as the so-called only you can not think of, can not do. Why is it smart lock? Because it solved all the puzzles above. Not afraid to go out to go out, because I am a burglar. No longer need to unlock the key, because it is a Bluetooth mobile phone to unlock. The problem came again. What should I do if my cell phone is dead? It does not matter, you can also unlock your password, perfect. It can also be unlocked using the iTrack Bluetooth Smart Defender. Powerful enough to be called "smart".

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