Stories on Motion Alert

The mobile trigger alarm is mainly used for the care of valuables and luggage. Such as: long-distance travel, fell asleep in the waiting room or waiting room, this time valuables and luggage are left unattended, in which case it is easy to encounter thieves. However, if a mobile triggering alarm is installed, as long as someone moves your valuables and luggage a little, it will trigger a two-way alarm for the mobile phone and the product. So as to achieve the role of anti-theft; in the dormitory's own private cabinet, put a mobile trigger alarm on the door, so that as long as someone opens your cabinet, you will immediately know the first time; use case as shown below :


The mobile triggering alarm is convenient for our travel, and the price is also affordable. Usually, a small change can be used to exchange a property for a small bodyguard. You make a profit! More details